Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Cartoons

Here are a few of my cartoons about mothers in honor of Mother's Day. Please enjoy these.

 Above: frankly, quite an odd cartoon, from the Chronicle of Higher Education. 

Above: an Oprah cartoon. I have been able to sell Oprah-critical cartoons more and more in the past five years. Before that, you couldn't criticize her.

There is a lot of scholarship and knowledge in reading those labels. There should just be a "this will make you fat" aisle.

Spelling out you mom's name in toast (of course, her name is "mom") is something I would have done as a kid.

Being a parent today is especially challenging.

Above: some tough-love city bird parents.

 Above: the most reprinted Mom cartoon I ever drew.

 Using work-related phrases in personal situations = funny.

I like how this guy is prepared to go to the department store's Mother's Day sale!


Ger Apeldoorn said...

channeling Sergio Aragonés in the last one?

Mike Lynch said...

Gee whiz, Now that you point it out, it does look a little like Aragones, Ger. I remember I was reading a book on animation character design at the time. Hmm.