Thursday, May 03, 2012

Frank King: "There are loads of ideas everywhere, but you must be tuned to receive them."

Above nicked from Lines and Colors.

GASOLINE ALLEY cartoonist Frank King on his process:

My Skeezix is five years too old. He is nine years of age and I have to remember back for material from that source. I also must remember a lot of things which didn't happen but which might have happened. That is one of the fortunate things about human interest stuff. You are not limited to what has happened, but you must not do things which would never happen.

Many ideas are sent in, but very few of them are usable. Many come in in some form of propaganda, which have to be weeded out carefully. A few ideas come from friends' children.

Go read the entire 1926 interview at the Stripper's Guide.

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Brian Fies said...

I love Frank King's Sundays. Reminds me a lot of Cliff Sterrett, who I consider one of the most unfairly overlooked great cartoonists ever. Bigger picture, some work being done by cartoonists in the 1920s-40s was every bit as smart and imaginative as today's most avant garde indie stuff, and it was in the paper everyday! More modern creators would benefit by knowing the history of their medium.