Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New St. Trinian's Movie

More comics-turned-into-movies news.

When they first skipped mischievously across the screen in 1954, the cigarette-smoking, suspender-wearing, trouble-making pupils of St Trinian's annihilated the long-held belief that girls were made of sugar and spice and all things nice.

Now, 53 years on, the young ladies are returning to the big screen in a £7 million adaptation of cartoonist Ronald Searle's hilarious tales of mischief and japery.

-- from the Daily Mail.

Some of the bad girls of St. Trinian's. More photos from MSN Movies site.

Big hat tip to THE BEAT!

Want to know more about/see more Ronald Searle? Check out the Ronald Searle Blog.

A 3 part essay, with tons of movies photos and drawings, about St. Trinian's at the Searle blog. For some reason, I cannot find "St. Trinian's Part 1" or "St. Trinian's Part 2," but here is St. Trinian's Part 3.

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Mark Anderson said...

This is just an excuse to put up a pic of schoolgirls on your blog, and I like it.