Tuesday, August 21, 2007

HAPPINESS IS A DRY MARTINI by Johnny Carson, cartoons by Whitney Darrow, Jr

"HAPPINESS IS ... getting up at 2 A.M. to feed the baby and finding two bottles -- one for the baby and one for you."

Nudist colonies, Playboy bunnies, artist's models, busty schoolteachers -- it's all in the HAPPINESS IS A DRY MARTINI Fawcett Crest paperback credited to Johnny Carson. Despite the floating head of Carson on the cover, I suspect the book was ghost written by some of his gag writers.

This 1968 adult riff on HAPPINESS IS A WARM PUPPY, has slick drawings by New Yorker magazine cartoonist Whitney Darrow, Jr.

Go and look at Johnny C.'s Hole in the Head blog for part one and part two.

Another great Hole in the Head blog entry!Thanks, Johnny!

And a pre-happy birthday to Whitney Darrow, Jr., born 98 years ago tomorrow!


Mike Rhode said...

Oh, I've got that on my shelf. Nice bit it is too. My version's a hardcover for those keeping track.

Mark Anderson said...

WOW! I gotsta get me that! (Let's see... I can ebay the iphone, some legos...)