Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Louis S. Glanzman

Some illustrations by Louis S. Glanzman from the book BIG MUSIC OR TWENTY MERRY TALES TO TELL chosen by Mary Noel Bleecker. It was published in 1946 by the Viking Press in New York City.

Above: Taking off the paper book jacket, you can see this lovely inky illustration of some of the characters dancing.

But it was the endpapers that stopped me in my tracks. Beautiful work. It looked like Mr. Glanzman was channeling a bit of Walt Kelly's masterful ink technique here.

The title page, complete with busy little elves.

Louis S. Glanzman is a prolific illustrator, whose work was seen in Colliers and other top publications.

And here is the book itself, dumping many characters out. Uh, is that Mr. Glanzman at the bottom of the pile?

Even the middle-age era architecture has verve and looks alive.

I love the leaning forward of this character. This is the same fellow you see on the endpapers (2 down, 5th to the right).

My friend Leif Peng wrote about Mr. Glanzman at his Today's Inspiration blog.

And don't forget that Mr. Glanzman is alive and well, and he has his own site at!

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