Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nimoy's New STAR TREK Movie Endorsement

Above: the STAR TREK movie teaser poster distributed at last Weekend's San Diego Comicon.

Everyone who cares all ready knows about the new STAR TREK theatrical movie in 2008 and the meeting of the Spocks at the San Diego Comicon; the new Spock and the old Spock.

Above photo of Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto from the Trekmovie blog.

But my concern is that the franchise will be changed into some effects-laden big budget action-oriented silly bombast with little of the human, morality tales that made STAR TREK what it's famous for.

(Well, yes, that and tribbles and Klingons. But I digress.)

And when I read this, and it gave me hope:

"Nimoy's endorsement of the movie and especially the script is no small potatoes. In my conversation with him a few years ago, he referred to Star Trek as a "beached whale," helplessly flopping around. But he noted that whenever the situation was most dire, something or someone saved the Star Trek galaxy with a new infusion of creativity. He apparently believes this movie will do it again.

"He also told me as he has told others that Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home was his Star Trek statement. Note that he didn't say Wrath of Khan. He pointed out that The Voyage Home had almost no violence, yet it was dramatic. I'm assuming that if the new script was nothing but special effects battles, he wouldn't be endorsing it."

From The Soul of Star Trek blog

I think that "Captain Future" (Yeah, that's his handle; he's the writer behind the Soul of Star Trek) is right: having both of these guys in the same room was a great way to cool divisiveness. And getting Nimoy's blessing is something that they consciously chose to get.

And Paramount is gearing up the merchandising, remastering both the old TREKs and the TNG episodes for HD-TV distribution.

Here's hoping that Shatner and whoever will be the newer, younger Kirk will have their photo op soon.

The new STAR TREK movie begins shooting November 2007. It's release date is Christmas Day 2008.


Mark Anderson said...

I hate to say it, but Syler really is a nice logical choice. OK, I meant to say that!

Kyle Miller said...

A story? In a Star Trek movie? What will they think of next?