Thursday, July 12, 2007

Doug Marlette Remembrances

I went looking for Doug Marlette's book about the life of a cartoonist (IN YOUR FACE -- and a very good book it is).

I bought a copy years ago, after I had first met Mr. Marlette.

I only met him once, about 7 years ago. There was a live taping of the Leonard Lopate radio talk show at the 92nd Street Y. I sat in the audience and listened to a couple of New Yorker cartoonists and a couple of editorial cartoonists talk about the medium. Afterward, I walked over to him and introduced myself. He was a gentleman and asked me a lot of questions about what I did. We shook hands. He said he was sure we'd run into each other again soon. I went out and bought his novel THE BRIDGE the next day. I found IN YOUR FACE, his 1991 behind-the-scenes of the cartoon biz, one of the best books about the industry, at The Strand a couple of months later.

I wouldn't see him again, but his friendly, warm manner stayed with me. I didn't know him, but I all ready liked him.

Anyway, so today I'm looking for IN YOUR FACE. The book wasn't in its usual place in the bookshelf. I looked around, and finally found it next to my side of the bed. I forgot! I had gotten it out a few months ago to reread a couple of chapters, and it had moored itself on the bedstand like a Gideon Bible (for cartoonists) since then. I told you it was a very good book.

There are more and more remembrances of Mr. Marlette and his work on the Web. Here's a link to Linton Weeks' article in today's Washington Post. There are more links there.

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pj finn said...

Though I never actually knew Marlette I felt like I did, largely due to the book you mention, In Your Face. I've worn out about three copies of it already. Thanks for the tribute -- he certainly deserves it.