Thursday, July 26, 2007

Berndt Toast Gang Meeting July 26, 2007

It's the last Thursday of the month and time for the Berndt Toast Gang get together! Above: a tableful of Don Orehek original drawings. Gorgeous work!

"I'm on this new diet. You can eat anything and still lose weight"

Don is a prolific Playboy cartoonist. Someone asked, Where are all the girls, Don? Don is known for his beautiful girls! All of the cartoons that he brought were conspicuously G-rated! So, Don sketched a gorgeous blonde in her birthday suit, passed it to me, and I put it on the display table.

Adrian Sinnott and Don Orehek

I came in with a boxful of comics to give away. Helen Murdock-Prep promised to give a couple of them a good home.

The BT running gag: Al Scaduto introduces his friend ...

... Jumpin' Joe Giella.

Above: Mike Lynch & Adrian Sinnott hold up a Union Suit.

Above: Frank Springer, Mort Drucker, Joe Giella, Sy Barry

This was a surprise gift from the Gang to me.

Above: Bunny Hoest and Al Scaduto

The suit has everyone's signature and cartoons and is now so amazing to look at that of course I can never, ever wear it!

"Forget Archie Girls ... Here Comes Mike L.!!" by Stan Goldberg

John Reiner adds a martini-sporting Leroy Lockhorn.

Another BT tradition: Al Scaduto sings.

Al was singing a song of farewell to me. I'm leaving NYC.

If all goes well, I'll be moving by this time next month. More anon.

Bunny Hoest has a much bigger smile than me!

My shirt says "Building a Better World With Comics" and it's drawn by NH cartoonist Marek Bennett. You can buy his t-shirts here.

Above: a great wordless Don Orehek cartoon. This was what traffic was like on the way home!

My sincere thanks to the Gang for the incredible surprise. You guys are amazing. Thank you so much.

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