Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th -- Have Some Links

A few items of interest, so I can fill today's blog with the hard work of others. Happy Independence Day.

Hot Stuff, one of the first comic books I ever owned, celebrates July 4th. My grandmother bought me an early Hot Stuff comic at a Rexall Drug Store in Cascade, MI. Above image from the excellent Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin blog.

My pal Mark Anderson explains why the above gag cartoon that he drew works.

My pal Mark Anderson bravely explains why this gag cartoon does not work.

Leif Peng shares some great school text book illustrations by Lewis Parker here. I dig the cool Fantastic Four-ish typeset used in the Under Canadian Skies cover. Side by side comparison:

Golden Age Comic Book Stories reprints some unseen Al Williamson art, and some old Flash Gordon ads for Union Carbide that he did. There are a lot of treats here, from comic books (Krenkel, Guardineer, Fine) to pulps (Frank R. Paul, Robert Fuqua, Hannes Bok).

Happy BBQ!


Johnny C said...

I have a special place in my heart for Hot Stuff comics too...

Mike Lynch said...

Yeah, even though I know in my heart that Hot Stuff is just the same character design as Richie Rich (sans hair & suit, plus horns and pointed ears and red skin), I still like the little devil.

Johnny C said...

It's like that Simpsons line where Lisa says that Casper is really the tormented soul of Richie Rich.