Monday, July 23, 2007

The Captain's Women

Series of trading cards I've never heard of before, full of great lines between Captain Kirk and the Babes of Trek! I'd never seen them, and stumbled on them by accident. I think that these are great. Love the "What is ... love?" line. Better Kirk show you than Picard, you little cute drill thrall, you!

But none of those women, despite their wanton ways, will come between a captain and his vessel!

Spock: The antidote to a woman of Elas, Doctor, is a starship. The Enterprise infected the Captain long before the Dohlman." -- Elaan of Troyius by John Meredyth Lucas

Big hat tip to Mr. Balihai!

And, just to make it clear that we do not consider Captain Kirk a big il' Playboy horndog, consider Laura Goodwin's Women of TOS site:

Here's proof that Kirk was NOT a playboy and Star Trek was NOT a sexist show. It was an anti-sexist show: one of the first, and one of the all-time best.
Hmm. Well, click here to judge that she makes her case.

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