Monday, July 16, 2007

John Stanley's KOOKIE

More cool than a new beret or Jack Kerouac stopping his car and leaning out to ask YOU for directions! Above: detail from KOOKIE #2 from 1962.

"The In Crowd" shares couple of issues of KOOKIE from the early 1960s at his I'm Learning to Share! blog.

KOOKIE was created by John Stanley. Mr. Stanley is best known as the writer/artist who 's responsible for all those LITTLE LULU comics. If you can't get enough of those Maynard G. Krebs beatnik style characters who snap their fingers instead of clapping and and call everyone "man," even if the person is a woman (How wacky!) -- then you will grok this!

It's great to see these full color cartoon covers, as well as the fun zippy cartoon style of this comic, which was finished by Bill Williams.

Another link: Steve Stiles writes about LITTLE LULU and John Stanley's contributions.

Hat tip to Stephen Kroninger.


The In Crowd said...

Hi Mike - -

Glad you're enjoying seeing Kookie, and thanks for the link to my blog, 'I'm Learning To Share!'

I feel I should point out however, that I'm not illustrator Stephen Kroninger, and to the best of my knowledge I never have been.

Stephen Kroninger's parents could most likely corroborate this.


Mike Lynch said...

"The In Crowd" is right. I regret the error. I found out about the blog entry from Stephen Kroninger. "The In Crow" are the guys who SHOULD be credited with these cool scans. I've corrected it and will reread my READING COMPREHENSION book from my 2nd grade class at Roosevelt Elementary School (Iowa City, IA) before turning in this evening!