Monday, July 09, 2007

Gluyas Williams Web Site

Illustrator/cartoonist Gluyas Williams had a large body of work. He had a comic strip, illustrated books and magazine articles, and drew magazine cartoons for the old Life and New Yorker magazines, among others.

Mr. Williams also illustrated Ed Streeter's FATHER OF THE BRIDE book which was made into one of my favorite movies. I mean the Spencer Tracy version, not the more recent one. The above link will take you to the Turner Classic Movie site where you can see the original trailer to FOTB, which zooms in on the Williams-illustrated cover of the "celebrated best seller."

And now Mr. Williams has been brought forward into the 21st century with a terrific Web site, full of samples and transcriptions of articles. You need never say, "Gluyas Williams? Who he?" Go look!

Hat tip to David King's blog!

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