Thursday, July 05, 2007


Matt Janz's strip OUT OF THE GENE POOL has been retitled SINGLE AND LOOKING.

Matt was the first person to win the Washington Post Writers Group "Finetoon Fellowship" in 2000 and get syndicated. I read his strip in the New York Daily News.

From the press release:

Writers Group Comics Editor Amy Lago adds, “The strips Matt drew about the pitfalls of being single were just better than anything else out there. When we looked at the marketplace of comic strips, there seemed to be all kinds of single-parenthood strips, family strips and relationship strips, but nothing that really spoke to the millions of people out there still searching for ‘the one’ -- or, for that matter, searching for any one. With Matt’s decision to focus on ‘single-hood,’ it seemed natural to change the name to something reflecting that."


kim said...

Sorry to see SINGLE AND LOOKING go. It was, by far, the best strip out there. Sassy and sophisticated. Sam and Jackie deal handle social hazzards with everything from thoughtfulness to hedonism, creating humor both wry and loopy. Excellent. So what's Matt Janz doing after his book?

Mike Lynch said...

Kim, that's a good question!