Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Big Little Books

The Golden Age Comic Book Stories blog shares some scans of Big Little Book covers here and here.

"... Tiny Tim was being taken by two other mechanical men straight to cruel Zorax, King of the Boogaboos."

I think I use Zorax to clean the bathroom sink this morning. More about the "famous comic strip Tiny Tim" here.

Take a while to poke around the blog for some great Sci Fi pulp cover illustrations and some early Wally Wood stories this month.


Mark Anderson said...

That's two new blogs I've added to my reader thanks to you and Richmond. Darn your bloggy goodness!

Johnny C said...

I think Big Little Books got me interested in reading. I, of course, had all the hand me downs of my sisters. Nothing cool... Popeye, Lassie. I wish I'd kept them.