Sunday, July 08, 2007

Some TREK Links

Some links and comments:

VOYAGER titles done in 1970s GALACTICA style.

Dilbert's Jeri Ryan Alarm Clock

Was it really 20 years ago? STAR TREK TNG's first promo. Note the couple of special effects shots in the beginning of this commercial are from the first 2 original cast movies.

Star Trek fan films are filling the void of no "official" Trek. A compilation trailer of fan-made films is here. Most of the fan films pick a show (TOS, Voyager, etc.) and then have their own characters, episodes, special effects and so on. And now there's a site, appropriately titled Star Trek Fan Films, that will guide you through all of them.

What's always amazed me about the shows is their attention to the look of the series. And I always wonder how many times they didn't buy the new car or go on vacation -- because all their money was being spent on buying velour or sculpting Klingon foreheads, etc.

Above photo from Starship Exeter, my personal favorite of the fan film genre.

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Mark Anderson said...

The TNG promo is oddly fascinating/funny. Weird to see it so in it's zygote stage.