Monday, July 09, 2007

Need to Find a Bathroom in a Hurry?

Gotta pee, but don't know where the nearest facilities are?

Use your web-browser enabled cell phone to go to Type in a street address and the city -- and you'll get a nearby public restroom -- complete with cleanliness rating.

I have no idea if this works. It depends (no pun intended) on the data you get. Is it good? Is it up to date? (I was just in lower Manhattan today and notice that the building where I'd rented a tux for the Reubens -- a building with one of those public bathrooms -- has been completely demolished. People, and buildings, to paraphrase Dorothy, come and go so quickly here.) Obviously, if you're on the West Side of Manhattan, and the phone thinks that the best bathroom for you is across the Hudson, then, well, that's a pressing problem!

If anyone has successfully used this, I'd be interested. I've seen both men and women "go" in public and I don't want to see it no more.

H/t Daily News.

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Mark Anderson said...

That' so cool, and... odd... and... oddly fascinating... *shiver*