Friday, July 06, 2007

AAEC Convention on TV [UPDATED]

Got up early, grabbed my mug of coffee. I turned on the TV and was surprised to see the mug of Editor & Publisher's Dave Astor on my TV screen. Dave Astor -- a print guy -- on TV! He was in the audience of the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists convention in Washington, DC.

C-Span was showing video of Thursday's panel of cartoonists. Flemming Rose was speaking. This was an hour-long panel, and here's the description:

Panel --- Caricaturing A Nation: Americans and Muslims Draw Each Other
From ethnic stereotypes in Middle America, to riots in the streets of Kashmir, the reach of editorial cartooning has never been more evident.
Moderator: Mike Thompson, Detroit Free Press
Panelists: Joe Szabo, editor, Witty World Magazine; Iranian cartoonist Nik Kowsar; Flemming Rose, cultural editor at the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten

It was an interesting panel to wake up to, and it was a kick to see a few other people I knew in the audience. I'll be checking the C-Span schedule to see if it's rerun. Chances are there will be other events from the con that will be on. I hope that the AAEC site may have some video in coming days.

UPDATE: More convention coverage this afternoon beginning at 12:30pm EST. You can view a live stream of C-Span broadcasts at its Web site. Here are the 2 sessions that will run back to back:

Editorial Cartoonists on the Internet

A panel discussion was held about editorial cartoonists blogging on the Internet.

Moderator: Lee Judge, Kansas City Star. Panelists: Duncan Black,; Chuck Rose, deputy managing editor in design for; Tom Tomorrow, This Modern World

"Blog Or Die!" was an event at the 50th Anniversary Convention of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists.

The Future of Editorial Cartooning

Rall, TedEditorial Cartoonist, Universal Press Syndicate

Priggee, MiltEditorial Cartoonist

Fell, PaulEditorial Cartoonist, Artizans Syndicate

A panel discussion was held on the state of the editorial cartoon industry and future strategies. The moderator was Ted Rall.

"The Future of Editorial Cartooning: A Town Meeting" was an event at the 50th Anniversary Convention of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists.


Mark Anderson said...

Who knew C-Span was airing something so cool?!

Also, when did you change from your little thumbnail pic to your little drawing of yourself? Now I'll have to get my dreamy 8x10 headshot of you out when I want to dream...

Mike Lynch said...

Reader's Digest asked for a photo or caricature of me for (what I hope is) an Internet site devoted to lots of RD cartoons.

I didn't feel right sending a photo, so I drew up a little caricature. Now, it's seeing light here. The caricature also serves to identify me to the authorities.

Mark, I know you were asked to participate in this RD project as well. Are you going to one of those places in the mall where you wear some of their lingerie and they do a soft focus, provocative photo?

D.A."Brady" Baylis said...

Mike,I'm a beginning cartoonist
who'd like some pointers about
creating a character who'd interest
TV producers.Thanks,bud,and I hope
to hear from you soon.

Mike Lynch said...

Hi Brady. Thanks for your comment. I don't develop character designs for TV shows so am of no help.