Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Playboy Cartoonist Robert "Buck" Brown 1936-2007

The AP reports that Robert "Buck" Brown, a Playboy cartoonist best known for his "granny" character, passed away due to complications from a stroke on July 2 , 2007 in a Chicago area hospital. Mr. Brown was 71 years old.

Sadly, I never met him. I just got my copy of the new Playboy in yesterday's mail and I was looking at Brown's cartoon in there and admiring his colors. He worked in acrylics.

Tom Spurgeon has a report here.

The History Makers has a revealing bio here.

Photo: Buck Brown and Playboy Playmate Helena Antonaccio

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alain said...

Hi mike!
Thanks for this marvellous blog on french cartoonists.
I am Bosc's nephew, and working on finding as much archives as possible for his site.
Please visit the site that I built :
and particularly the page on rare books :
Please, if you see any Bosc drawings in any of the books you possess, let me know and send me a scan of the drawing, this would be such a great help!
Hoping to hear from you soon,
all the best!
alain damman