Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mike Lynch Cartoon in July 7, 2007 Wall Street Journal

"Oh, we never shoot the messenger. But we do take away his access codes."

Can you ever have too much Mike Lynch? For the second time this week, another "evil boss" cartoon from the Wall Street Journal. (First one here.)

This cartoon was mailed to six markets before the seventh, WSJ, accepted it.

Above is the version that I originally submitted. When I did the redraw, I got rid of that chair in front of the boss's desk. Too cluttered. I also just knocked in the boss's suit with black to make him the center of attention.

I remember in the documentary THE LINE KING, Al Hirschfeld said that sometimes drawings go well, and sometimes they don't. For this one, I had one problem.

For some reason, when I was redrawing the cartoon, the guy in the foreground consistently had a lightbulb head. I redrew it a couple of times. Each time: lightbulb head. I gave no idea why. Finally, I gave up and let the lightbulb head win.

Big tip of the hat to Pletch, who spotted the cartoon and emailed early about this. Thanks, Pletch!

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