Friday, July 13, 2007

I Tell Two Friends and They Tell Two Friends and So On and So On, Until It's on German TV

This is how the viral blogosphere effect works: Johnny C. unearths a 1947 Life magazine article and this makes for a great entry in his Hole in the Head blog about famous cartoonists trying to draw their famous creations with their eyes shut. He posted it on Sunday.

OK, since I'm a regular reader of Johnny's great blog, I post a link here, on the Mike Lynch Cartoons blog. Journalista! posts a link to Johnny's blog with a hat tip to me. Drawn posts a link. Newsarama posts a link. And then BoingBoing posts it.

Now it's Friday, and Johnny's blog entry is on the Ehrensenf (Extra Sharf!) Internet TV show! I don't know where they saw it, I don't know German (except for restaurant German; like asking if the beer is on tap and where is the men's toilet), but there is our hostess, showing us Johnny's blog entry. Just click on "blind zeichnen" at the Web page to see it.

And now here I am, reporting on the reporting; letting you know that Johnny's gotten a ton of hits. This is the first time I've seen something like this go "viral," as they say. It's weird!

UPDATE: Johnny's reaction on his rollercoaster ride to blogdom fame here.

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