Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Alan Gardner "Daily Cartoonist:" Tired of Editorial Cartoonists' Whining

Alan Gardner, who runs the Daily Cartoonist site, complained yesterday that editorial cartoonists are "whiney."

"When I wrote last week that today’s editorial cartoonists are “infatuated by their own victim status” this is an example of what I mean. ... I got to assume editorial cartoonists would get more milage [sic] out of a positive campaign rather than the tired and so far unsuccessful, self-destructive woe-is-me path that they’re currently on.

"I apologize (somewhat) if I’m coming across as a back street [sic] driver (one that is no longer in the car itself). I have a great passion for editorial cartooning and it would be a tremendous travesty if the art was to disappear completely - but looking in from the outside, the messaging that has come from the community is reminiscent of the Debbie Downer character on Saturday Night Live. Always negative. And who wants to associate with someone always bringing things down."

I watched several of the panels from the AAEC conference (it was on C-Span) and felt that the organization, and the editorial cartoonists, had a lot of positive ideas for furthering their profession.

H/t Journalista!

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