Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mike Lynch Cartoon in July 2007 PROSPECT and 14 July THE WEEK Magazines

Above: This month's PROSPECT magazine, for sale in the UK, and a some of the larger US newsstands.

The saying goes the fine artists look down their noses at commercial artists, and commercial artists look down on the cartoonists -- but the cartoonists don't care. Why? Because they're having too much fun.

And one of the reasons this is a fun profession is the organic progression -- the viral effect -- that a good cartoon can have.

I sold a cartoon to PROSPECT magazine (UK). Here it is:

"The bar charts show our clients overwhelmingly prefer pie charts."

PROSPECT came out at the beginning of the month. Someone at THE WEEK saw it and, before my second cup of coffee one morning last week, I had an email from a THE WEEK editor. I sold the cartoon again to their publication.

Lee Salem, the now Executive Vice President and Editor over at Universal Press Syndicate, said in an interview that "the good stuff floats to the top." That was certainly true of this cartoon that more than one editor thought was worthy of committing a portion of their cartoon budget.

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