Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Robert Burns Moment

I was on the phone, talking cartoons, to cartoonist pal Stephanie Piro, when she suddenly said, "The cats are acting funny."

We went back to talking for a couple minutes, and then, again, "What is going on? The cats are acting funny."

Her 3 cats were huddled close to her husband John's banjo, which was leaning against the living room wall.

John Nolan, newspaper editor, musician and admirer of the poet, Robert Burns (John hosts an annual "Burns Night" celebration), walked toward the banjo. The cats did not move. All of them were attentively watching the banjo. Something was in there.

The following moment inspired these words (by my wife, Stacy) and pictures (by me).

To a Mouse, on Him Turning Up in an Unexpected Spot

Wee, sleekit, cow'rin tim'rous mousie,
I hear you've found a brand new housie.
There, with all yer bairns and spousie
Youll take your place -
Spite Nolan's yelps and curses, grousy -
In banjo case.

Perhaps you'll join him in a "choon".
He's hundreds you know, or will you soon.
Your timid squeek could be a boon,
And needed clearly
To balance booming baritoon,
At party, yearly.

But best-laid schemes o' men an' mice
Often come at bloody price.
And dwellings first that seemed so nice,
Now mordant.
For grisly death at feline vise
Turns home discordant


This has been an encore presentation of the Mike Lynch Cartoons blog. The above appeared in its original form on May 4, 2006, back when this blog first started over at MySpace.

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