Thursday, August 09, 2007

DILBERT'S Scott Adams' Syndication Advice

So, Scott Adams is trolling the Internet and he sees a cool comic called Basic Instructions. by another Scott, Scott Meyer.

Scott Adams writes on his DILBERT blog:

"It dawned on me that my blog readers might want to follow that conversation, like a reality show, and see if my sage advice can help a talented unknown hit the big time.

"Over the next month or more, with Scott’s permission, I’ll give you updates showing my advice and his responses. Your comments will guide us. When his work gets to the point where I think he should submit it for syndication, I’ll show him how that’s done and let you follow along."

More at the DILBERT blog.

I like the format and I thought that if similarly formatted THIS MODERN WORLD and TOM THE DANCING BUG panels can get syndicated (albeit only in the freebie papers and on the Web), then why not BASIC INSTRUCTIONS?

ABOVE: The disfigured Captain Christopher Pike from "The Menagerie" episode of STAR TREK.

PS Hey, nice thing about Scott Meyers is that he's also responsible for the Ask Captain Pike Web site. Go there and ask Captain Pike a question! It's fun!

Ahh. Cartoons and TREK! Pure blogging satisfaction. Scott, you made my day!


Mark Anderson said...

Dunno about this whole mentoring thing, but that Pike site is too fun! Hoo-hoo!

Brian Fies said...