Sunday, August 19, 2007

31 Years Ago Today: SPACE:1999 Season 2 Premiere

This is what I was doing Thursday, August 19, 1976: watching the second season premiere of SPACE: 1999 on WUAB Channel 43 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Honestly, it really sounds like actress Catherine Schell, who had been in one of the Bond movies (ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE) and RETURN OF THE PINK PANTHER, is smilingly consoling us for enduring the cosmic boringness of the first season. The show tended to be ponderous and bleak in its stories. Ms. Schell reassures us that now that she's on board, there will be "bigger and better" monsters and things blowing up real good in the new season. And where is co-star Barbara Bain?! The woman had won 3 consecutive Emmies for her MISSION IMPOSSIBLE run. She was a pretty big star! And she was, in real life, the wife of star Martin Landau. She's not in any of the previews!

Big hat tip to Videoholic for taping this waaay back then on his then-cutting edge Betamax when it happened! Like him, I was watching all this on WUAB TV Channel 43 in Cleveland!

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Kyle Miller said...

I remember the reviews of this series, where they compared it to previous Gary Anderson series (Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, etc.) stating that even though they had gotten rid of the puppets, the acting was still wooden. :)

I recall liking the soundtrack, but listening to it today, I must have gotten it confused with the UFO soundtrack.