Friday, August 03, 2007

Hannes Bok Illustrations

Gorgeous, spooky and single-minded in their design: Hannes Bok (1914-1964), a prolific illustrator for the sci fi pulps, is showcased at the Golden Age Comic Book Stories blog.

Bok drew 20 book jackets in his lifetime. Here are photos of 11 of them.

Links are in a couple of sections:

Hannes Bok 1

Hannes Bok 2

Hannes Bok 3

Golden Age Comic Book Stories is becoming one of my favorite places to visit.

Above: Bok's illustration of the alien from WHO GOES THERE?, John W. Campbell's story that's been made into a couple of movies: THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD and THE THING.

A tip o' the hat to dear old Dad, number one science fiction fan, who first showed me some of Bok's illustrations way back when I was a kid.


Johnny C said...

Thanks for the tip... these are amazing... I'm sure the stories are not nearly as interesting as the covers... but I still would love to read The Wheels of If...

Gary K. said...

Hannes Bok was also an author of fantasy novels. "The Sorcerer's Ship" and "Beyond the Golden Stair" appeared in 1969 and 1970 in the paperback Ballantine Adult Fantasy series -- though with cover illustrations by other artists.