Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Above: the iconic jagged line that instantly tells you just whose shirt this is. I had no idea how many times this image has recurred. From left, some samples from publishing and textiles: a 2000 OSU exhibit catalog (designed by my friend Frank Pauer), a Charlie Brown yellow shirt that you can buy, and the cover of the new SCHULZ AND PEANUTS biography. I wonder why oh why does the SCHULZ AND PEANUTS cover art (which may or may not be the final art) seem to be a machined replica of the famous zig-zag. It should at least appear to be from the inky hand of Mr. Schulz.

There are number of good links for David Michaelis' forthcoming SCHULZ AND PEANUTS biography of Charles Schulz. These will help keep one sated until its arrival in October

A "BookExpoCast" podcast interview with Mr. Michaelis here.

Nat Gertler's review based on his reading the uncorrected proofs here.

Schulz Museum's announcement about the book here, along with a note that there will be a new PBS documentary titled Good Ol' Charlie Schulz airing in October 2007.


Mark Anderson said...

I do so love that jagged stripe! I gotta get me a shirt like that!

Unknown said...

Hi, Mike!
You might enjoy this audio interview with “Schulz and Peanuts” biographer David Michaelis (with transcription).
Bob Andelman