Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Interview with Cartoonist Mark Anderson's Mom

Above: One of the thousands upon thousands of cartoons at Mark's Andertoons Web site.

Mark Anderson's mother is visiting him this week and I inquired if I could ask some questions about Mark. She graciously accepted to be interviewed. I added the below illustrations.

Mark Anderson: The Early Years

Was Mark a good kid growing up?

Mark was a great kid and still is. He is so young at heart, I suspect he will always be a kid.

Mark Anderson: Funny Weird or Funny Ha Ha?

Is Mark the funniest family member?

Without a doubt! He is so jovial and good spirited. Mark always makes me laugh. We've had a good time and sometimes all I have to do is look at him and I know where he is going with something and it is such fun.

Mark Anderson: Juvenile Delinquent Cartoonist?

Did Mark draw in inappropriate places when he was young?

Not really, he was always drawing and telling me jokes from his big joke book or making up songs on the piano.

Mark Anderson: The Bitter Years of Struggle

Mark used to be a professional musician. Are you surprised that he now cartoons for a living?

Mark was one of the most natural musicians I've ever taught. He took to it like a duck to water. And what an ear! When a student would leave he would go to the piano and play whatever it was they were doing and he would do it so well. I'm not surprised at all about the cartooning. I knew it would be one or the other or both. He did quite well on the school paper as their cartoonist for four years. Once he was is in college he was doing t-shirts, posters, etc., etc., and doing the double major in music thing. Mark is capable of doing anything he sets his mind to. He played some real tough charts and played with some very top notch musicians. You never know what's next.

Mark Anderson: Obtuse

Have you ever seen a cartoon that Mark did in a magazine and not "gotten it?" Did you ever call him for an explanation?

Yep, sometimes I don't get it even after he explains it, but I'm sure it's funny to a brain surgeon or astronaut.

Mark Anderson: The Day After Tomorrow

Where do you see Mark in 10-15 years?

10 - 15 years from now, I think he could be programming for Pixar, playing in a salsa band or doing photography for the Chicago Tribune. But I think he will publish a book of his favorite cartoons and it will sell like hot cakes. You never know, he could do a late night talk show or teach cartooning at the local community college. Or he might even become a BBQ chef. Ha ha , won't it be fun to watch!!!!!! Maybe he will bring me to New York to meet you. I would like that.

Thanks for the kind words! And a big thanks to Mark's Mom for taking the time to fill us in on the origins of America's favorite Andercartoonist!


Brian Fies said...

Moms are the best.

Mark Anderson said...

Lie! All of it, LIES!