Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Craig Yoe Interview

Beth Davies-Stofka interviews Craig Yoe at the Tower of Babble site. Craig talks about his book CLEAN CARTOONISTS DIRTY DRAWINGS.

"I had the pleasure of getting to know Charles Schulz a wee bit when I worked with him on a project, and at another time I visited his studio to interview him on his religious beliefs for a magazine. So I was pretty surprised to find he did a nude self-portrait, but it was his only 'dirty' drawing as far as I can tell. And when you look at it in the book his "completely nude" self-portrait doesn't even have a small suggestion of 'naughty bits,' so I get the idea he was pretty uncomfortable with the idea.

Craig Yoe has a terrific blog titled the Arflovers Blog.

Must reading for gag cartoonists: the Cartoon Consultants Calendar for March!

Big hat tip to Journalista!

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