Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Øistein Kristiansen

Via Channel News Asia is this clip all about cartoonist Øistein Kristiansen's show in Shanghai. Øistein's gallery exhibit is full of his drawings and is aimed at children. It's all very hands on, with many of the children happily drawing away.

"Slowly it dawned on me that I had a new mission in life: to share the gift of drawing and imagination. I wanted the whole world to draw!"

The exhibit, which was planned for four days, was such a success, it was extended for five more days.

His cartoon drawings are brightly colored and appeal to all kids and all languages. Look at those kids! So happy, and so immersed in drawing! I didn't know who Øistein Kristiansen until I saw the above video. He's a big star! He's the European Ed Emberley! Now he's on my radar! And now that he's gotten all the kids in Singapore to draw, I expect him to head toward us! Come on over, Øistein! And let's draw some robots.

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