Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sketchbook Redux

OK, it's time to look into some sketches from the old Mike Lynch Sketchbook.

When wondering what to draw, many pick the family pet as an appropriate subject.

Above is Rufus, or "Roo" for short. This is a doodle of our large orange cat with the enormous head. He is a very large, sweet happy fellow.

With a successful cartoon, you must be able to denote some individual attitude in your character sketches. Above are two attitudinal types drawn from life.

Above: street scenes from Smith Street, near the Rocketship comic book store.

Sometimes an every day object like this parking meter should be noted for its form and details.

Above: a dog "mushing" along Prospect Park, with a roller-blading person attached, and wearing a backpack with a bouquet poking out. Yeah, real life sometimes trumps anything you can make up.

Above: women and their hair and what they do with it: cover it up! These next sketches were all drawn around the Prospect Park area of Brooklyn.

A quick study of what people are wearing. Again, I'm just going for some simple sketches for reference.

Adding some touches like a scarf or a "big bag" helps the naturalism of the cartoon.

Above: people in motion from a series of sketches taken while trying to stand unobtrusively in Grand Central Station. You can tell by their woolies that it was cold outside!

Rarely if ever do people notice some guy hunched over a tiny sketchbook. They probably figure I'm messing with my Blackberry.

Above: people in motion, using as few lines as possible.

Saving the best for last: Occasionally, my wife will doodle something in my sketchbook. Above: her version of Roo. Her medium is pencil. She draws Roo with his eyes closed and a blissful smile. Sweet Roo. I better go administer some pats on that big head right now ....


Kevin Spear said...


I love seeing the inner workings of the artist's mind. Good work and full of energy.

What kind of pen do you work with when you're out in the field?

Kevin Spear

richardcthompson said...

Yay! Show more! Seeing stuff like this always makes me want to draw. The same way that having looming deadline makes me not want to draw.