Monday, March 10, 2008

Mike Lynch on Guy Gilchrist's Cartoonist's Academy Hall of Fame

Hey, Look! It's a Major Award!

No, not the kind in the movies (like the above infamous Leg Lamp Award from A CHRISTMAS STORY). I'm talking real life. Guy Gilchrist, who runs the Guy Gilchrist's Cartoonist's Academy (but you knew that), has put added me to his Wall of Fame.

What can one say?! One blushes and looks to one's feet. Aw, shucks, Guy! I'm speechless!

Guy pretty much trumped the plaque with the above wonderful caricature that he drew on the box.

He sent me the plaque, and there will be a duplicate of the plaque on a wall at the Academy. I'll be in the company of some I'm-not-worthy names like Frank McLaughlin and Dick Ayers.

Thanks, Guy! Wowwee!

Factoid: When you type "major award" into Google images you get a page full of leg lamps!

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Brian Fies said...

Well, I already teased you about this honor elsewhere, so I'll be sincere here and just say Congratulations! Well deserved! I've seen Guy Gilchrist's walls, and no one will notice your little award in among the Reuben plaques and reams of original cartoon art anyway. Oops, that kinda sounded like teasing again. I take it back.