Thursday, March 20, 2008

DBR Media 2000-2008

DBR Media, a syndicate founded by three former King Features Syndicate staffers, has ceased operations, citing overhead as its main hardship.

Although a formal press release has not been forthcoming, a mass email was sent to DBR contributors. It was signed by Diane Eckert, Executive Editor, and Brad Elson, Director of Operations of the Altamonte Springs, Florida-based syndicate.

Here is a portion of the email to contributors:

"As you know, DBR Media has been experiencing very hard times. We have left no stone unturned in trying to keep everything afloat ....

"Unfortunately, we have no choice at this point but to shut down operations. We are well aware of the many sacrifices everyone has made in addition to our own personal sacrifices. There are no sufficient words to say how grateful and honored we are that you are part of DBR’s family, and that is what we consider you.

"Please know that every effort is going to be made to compensate you. Money is still owed to us from clients. We are hoping to recover that.

"It has been a journey of eight years. Despite the hardships, it’s been a pleasure to work with you. Your talent and dedication are what’s made most of this possible to begin with."

DBR syndicated comics, puzzles and text features.

The world of comics and cartoons and editors that work with them is a small world full of very good and kind people. Very sad that it's a little bit smaller now.


Casey said...

<< citing overhead as its main hardship >> boy, can't we ALL relate to that!

Mike Lynch said...

I agree, Casey! I agree!