Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mike Lynch Cartoon in Chronicle of Higher Education

I have a particularly hairy cartoon in this week's Chronicle of Higher Education.

I'm in the company of a couple of excellent cartoonists: Carole Cable and Mary Nadler, whose work I admire.

I wish I could somehow link this obnoxious Lothario with higher education, but it would be a dreadful stretch of lies to even attempt to weave some sort of connection here. I have no idea what he has to do with a life in higher education.

I like the Chronicle and I enjoy (and, indeed, profit from) the fact that sometimes they'll purchase a cartoon just because it's funny. The above guy is the epitome of the gadget-obsessed dude who has no personal boundary issues during, or even prior to, the evening's date.

She should've told him she had to stay home, doing homework.

Ahh! I've woven the connection!

Getting an education would save you from Hairy Dude!

Thus here ends today's cartoon lesson.

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Spikey said...

Congrats on the sale Mike.I must admit that this cartoon caught my eye because I bear a passing resemblance to the man you drew...sadly, I lack his "savoir faire":)