Wednesday, June 02, 2010

2010 National Cartoonists Society Reubens Weekend

Above: Richard Thompson, Garry Trudeau and some fellow named McMeel!

Here are a few photos from the 2010 National Cartoonists Society Reubens Weekend, which was held in Jersey City, NJ, May 28-30, 2010.

The one and only Mell Lazarus and my pal Leif Peng.

John McMeel and my pal Sean Kelly, with the golden light of the Jersey sunset hitting the New York skyline.

John Nolan (husband to Stephanie Piro) and Don Orehek.

Tom Stiglich and illustrator Paul Combs.

Nominee Tony Carillo, lovely wife Lindsay Carillo and lovely gag cartoonist Ken Krimstein.

Mo Willems, Shaenon Garrity and Andrew Farago.

Brian Moore and Hilary Price.

Mike Lynch, Sandra Boynton, George Booth, Dione Booth and Mo Willems.

Terry and Patty LaBan, who I met for the first time!

Lee Salem and Mike Lynch.

Jyrki Vainio, John Nolan and Don Orehek.

John's caricature by Don.

Two of my favorite people: Juana Medina and Stan Goldberg.

Mike Lynch, NCS Division Award winner Ray Alma and Adrian Sinnott.

That's a real car on Adrian's tie! OK, well I thought it was cool.

Rina Piccolo, Don Orehek and Stan Goldberg.

Daryl Cagle and Taylor Jones.

Susan Camilleri Konar, Richard Thompson, Kristen and Corey Pandolph.

Tony Leonardi, Peter and Debbie Guren.

Sarah and George Booth prep for his presentation.

George's label for his wife's NCS goody bag.

George and Booth dog.

Two men who defined comics: Jerry Robinson and Joe Kubert.

Cutting the rug on Reuben Awards evening: Bunny Hoest and George Booth.

Alex Hallatt and Don Orehek.

3 of the SIX CHIX: Anne Gibbons, Isabella Bannerman and Stephanie Piro.

Tayo, Graham Nolan, Mike Lynch.

Ronnie Del Carmen, who had just won the NCS Division Award for his Pixar's UP storyboarding, and Brian Moore.

Chad Frye and Tom Stemmle.

Post-Reubens night: a bird's eye shot of Alex Hallatt, leaning on a wall, drawing in Anton Emdin's sketchbook.

Rob Rogers, Steve Brodner and Juana Medina.

Jerry and Gro Robinson, Mike Lynch.

A bit o' Sam Viviano, the award winning Tom Richmond, Charlie Kochman and Nick Meglin.

Stan Goldberg, the award winning Debbie Tomassi, Florenz and Hy Eisman.

Cheri and Stephanie Pere.

My pal Richard Thompson and me, Mike Lynch. (EDIT: No it isn't. As Brian Fies points out in the comments below, that is the handsome Mo Willems next to Richard. Mea culpa, Mo! I am so tired from the Reubens I -- GASP! -- don't know WHO I am!)

This was Sunday night's view from the stage during the Gag Cartoon Smackdown.

Matt Diffee, the "Stuckey and Murray Comedy Empire," and Chad Frye.

Shaenon Garrity, Andrew Farago and Mike Lynch getting close.

Tired. Can't smile. Mike Lynch and the irrepressible Sam Viviano.

Midnight or so. The view from the hotel.

More photos at Tom Richmond's blog, and they are popping up on Facebook all over. More anon.


Brian Fies said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the coverage. It's fun to see a few people I know and many more I wish I knew.

Kochman's looking good. So are you, pal.

If that's a real car on Adrian Sinnott's tie, he must be an enormous man--like 300 feet tall.

In that pic of Shaeonon, Andrew and you, it looks like you're moving in to plant one on Andrew's free cheek. Three's a crowd, buddy.

Unless you're making a joke that completely eludes me (and I'd say the odds of that are better than 80-20), I believe in your last photo of Richard Thompson you misidentified yourself. Don't know how such a thing could happen, Mo Willems is much handsomer than you.

Nice job, thanks.

Brian Fies said...

And I've no idea how that extra "O" got into in "Shaenon," which already has more vowels than it needs.

Dan Reynolds said...

Looks like fun