Friday, June 11, 2010

NCS Reubens Weekend: Link Round Up UPDATED

Above photo from 1948, via the Fred Waring Cartoon Collection.

Here are some links to cartoonists' blogs and sites, where one can see more photos / comments / etc. to the recent 64th annual NCS Reubens weekend. First: here's the List of Award Winners.

There are a lot of photos on Facebook, but the ones I've looked at do not have a "general public link" and are closed to anyone who is not a FB friend of the poster. My personal thanks to those whose photos I snagged for this updated entry.

Please email me if you have a link to add. Thanks!

VIDEO: Opening movie

VIDEO: Tom Gammill at the Reubens

"Tea Berry-Blue"

Above photo of NCS Division Award and Award winner Steve Brodner via Steve Brodner

Steve Brodner

Michael Cavna

Barbara Dale cartoon jam

Above photo via Anton Emdin; from left: Stan Goldberg, Anton Emdin, Adrian Sinnott

Anton Emdin Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Tayo Fatunla

Above photo of the one and only Mort Walker in all his finery via Chad Frye

Chad Frye Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Shaenon Garrity

John Glynn

Above photo of the Reuben Award via one of its nominees, Richard Thompson

Steve Greenberg on Dan Piraro's Reuben win.

Alex Hallatt

John Hambrock Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Above: Alex Hallatt and Don Orehek, via Mike Lynch

R.C. Harvey "Carping about the NCS Awards (Again)"

Taylor Jones

Above photo of Joe Kubert and his Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award via Tayo Fatunla

Mike Lynch

NCS NYC Metro Chapter

Rina Piccolo

Rick Kirkman and Tom Richmond. Above photo via Chad Frye

Tom Richmond

The Six Chix

Jeff Stahler

Above photo stolen from Mike Lynch. From left: Mike, Sandra Boynton, George and Dione Booth, Mo Willems

Dan Thompson

Richard Thompson

Closing night's Gag Cartoon Smackdown.

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