Monday, June 21, 2010

The Garden in Late Spring 2010

Happy petunias on the side steps.

Some of the large array of multi-color daisies.

Hard to believe that there was nothing planted around this house just 2 years ago.

Now the garden is nice and green and shaggy. Shaggy = good. At least in our humble opinion!

A multi-mutant daisy.

That purple bloom in the back of the daisies is false indigo.

This is 3 weeks later. The poor daisies are beginning to go limp.

Love these new lupins.

These grow wild in parts of Prince Edward Island.

There are whole fields of them in PEI. I wouldn't mind a field of them here in NH.

Looking over to the vegetable garden. Many strawberries! Runner beans in background.

Squash, cucumber, more ....

Peas, cauliflower and a couple of wild sunflowers in the middle.

Tomatoes in the forward box, and lettuce in the back one. The marigolds dissuade some bugs from bothering the tomato plants.

The neglected herb garden, with oregano and wild green onion, and many weeds.

The garden.

And more flowers from the front of the house.


Mark Anderson said...

Wow, what an amazing transformation in just two years!

Sandra said...


Brian Fies said...

Beautiful. The joke around here is that you need to leave your car doors locked in the summer or else someone will dump a bag of zucchini in it. Stuff grows like weeds and everyone has too much. Our tiny garden isn't doing well this year--it's been a cool and wet summer in northern Calif so far. So I'm jealous.

Dan Reynolds said...

Very nice, Mike.

I tried to grow tomatoes once and I got ketchup. I tried to grow pumpkins and got gourds. I am pretty good at growing mold in the back of the frig, though. This is where my green thumb comes from.

I admire those who can say it with flowers. I'll have to stick with a pen.