Monday, June 07, 2010

Kickstarter: Tony Murphy

My friend, cartoonist Tony Murphy, wants to revive the printed newspaper comic strip. He proposes a newspaper broadsheet full of comics, titled COFFEE TALK, at NYC area coffee shops. But he needs help.

Here's Tony:

I'm a daily syndicated cartoonist. Unfortunately, newspapers are dying, and while my strip IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU is in a handful of papers – the Boston Globe, the Tampa Tribune, etc. – I'm looking for a way for comic strips to really thrive.

The Internet is great -- but there's nothing like reading comic strips in a newspaper you can hold in your hand. The project is therefore to create a newspaper of comic strips. Since much of my strip IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU takes place in a cafe or is coffee-related, Coffee Talk could be carried in cafes and coffee shops.

Tony is asking for people to read his proposal at Kickstarter and consider pledging funds to make this a reality.

In addition to Tony's work, COFFEE TALK's cartoon roster includes:

MAX by Marc Bilgrey: Max is a writer who is tortured by a muse with a sick sense of humor – and by pretty much everyone else in his life.

EVE N’ STEVEN by Anne Gibbons: Eve’s a political activist who speaks her mind and doesn’t pull her punches. Steve is down with the cause, but prefers to ROLL with the punches.

STRINGS ATTACHED, by Ali Solomon: If "Friends" was set in college and populated with people you could stand to be around, you’d have Ali’s strip.

POP CULTURE SHOCK THERAPY by Doug Bratton: It’s the Sta-Puf Marshmallow Man meets Peanuts meets Mr. Ed meets Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde meets Godzilla!

BITTER GIRL by Joan Hilty: A dynamic cast of lesbian friends and lovers explore the central themes of shyness and unrequited lust.

Also featured will be other local artists and people whose stuff we just like, like Stephanie Piro, who does the great FAIR GAME.

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Clangnuts said...

A brilliant idea.