Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Video: "I'm the Guy" by Rube Goldberg

Here is the song "I'm the Guy," a comic song of 1912, with lyrics by the one and only Rube Goldberg and music by Bert Grant. Or, as the sheet music credits read:

Ravings by Rube Goldberg and Noise by Bert Grant

Billy Murray sings "I'm the Guy," a saying popularized by Rube, so far as I can tell, in comc strip form.

Then there were the "I'm the Guy" pinback (small) buttons. There were a lot of these small comedy buttons, although none are photographed in any detail on the ol' Web so far as I can see. Each one would have a goofy looking guy (mostly drawn by Rube, but not always), usually forking his own thumb towards his own mug, declaring that he, himself, indeed, is The Guy.

These sold well, or so I am told.

Here is the song with a lovely bit of video courtesy of jxhensley.

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Sheet music cover from the Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music.

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Ben said...

You can find "I'm the Guy" buttons here!