Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Cartoon Jamming with Barbara Dale

Above: I drew this guy walking along, and Barbara took the pad from to add in the poor fellow getting walked on. Silly, I know. But it kept us entertained.

Barbara Dale is one of the pioneers of the alternative-style greeting card. A prolific professional, her work has appeared all over the place, and now she's creating children's books!

At the recent NCS Reubens weekend, it was my pleasure to doodle a couple of "jam" drawings with Barbara. It wasn't planned or anything. We just each had a pen and and a pad and we just started doodling. Natural enough for a couple of people who draw all the time!

Here's what I mean:

Barbara drew the above woman ...

And then I added the fellow on the left. We both drew more hair and then the nest. If I recall properly, Barbara added the extra touch of the bird excrement.

Barbara then drew this fellow, above, eating a large steaming ... uh ... thing, with a schnoz the size of a Buick. After thinking for a moment, I drew up the gag, below.

I like the Hot Dung salesman saying, "My best customer!"

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Rina said...

I love those! Jamming cartoons (on Hotel stationary) is always fun!

Barbara said...

Hey cool! Now we're published together! xoxo Barbara (your jamming partner)