Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bunny Bash June 24, 2010

Above: the 2010 attendees of the Bash, posing in the backyard. Photo nicked from Rosey Mulderrig's Village Tatler article.

Here are a few photos from the Bunny Bash, an annual event held at Bunny Hoest's North Shore home in Long Island. She graciously opens up the Hoest castle to cartoonists from all over.

Hmm. Giant cut out of a bunny by the mailbox? This must be Bunny Hoest's place!

Adrian Sinnott and Dotti Sinnott: a wonderful illustrator and his talented daughter. Adrian is Chair of the Long Island chapter of the National Cartoonists Society, otherwise known as the Berndt Toast Gang. Adrian shares some Bunny Bash photos at his blog.

Arnie Levin, Mort Gerberg, Dione and George Booth, and Marie Stemmle.

Gerry Mooney, Marie Stemmle, Sandy Kossin and New Jersey Chapter Chair Tom Stemmle.

Arnie Levin and George Booth. "Hang on. Let me take my sunglasses off."

"OK, you can take the picture."

Matt Diffee, S. Gross and Ken Krimstein. I can never get Sam to smile for a photo.

MAD Mag's Sam Viviano. We are playing "dueling photographers."

The Berndt Toast Gang's own award-winning Ray Alma (shown with patient spouse Caryn)!

Julie Haring and Suzan Haeni. Always good to see Jules and Suz!

David Paccia and Mike Lynch. David's the man behind the Wasting Paper blog, wherein he interviews cartoonists. David's Bunny Bash photos and report is here.

Adrian Sinnott and George Booth.

Howard Beckerman

Roberta Fabiano plays while Sandy Kossin gets down.

Our lovely hostess Bunny Hoest, Doug Bratton, Marie and Tom Stemmle.

Ken Krimstein, Sam Gross, Deana Sobel and Dotti Sinnott.

Sam Viviano draws on a couple of commemorative cards. One is in honor of Jerry Jurman's 80th birthday. The other is to give to Lee Ames. He recently moved from California, back to the Long Island area.

Don Orehek, Joe Giella, Mike Lynch.

Long Island traffic. Nothing like it! UGH!

Sorry to say that there were some people I didn't get a chance to say hi to: Stan Goldberg, Frank Bolle, Mort Drucker, Ed Steckley, and others.


Gerry said...

Hey Mike, great set of photos! I'm frankly surprised that the group shot came out so organized looking. It sure didn't seem that way from where I was standing in the back!

Dan Reynolds said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun.

Roy Delgado said...

Hey Mike -
Great post. Lotsa talent and good looking people.
Roy Delgado