Monday, June 07, 2010

PLUM LOCO by Roy Delgado

My friend, cartoonist Roy Delgado, has launched his new PLUM LOCO COMICS blog. Please consider taking a look.

"I have started this new blog (Plum Loco Comic) and I essentially have made this a showcase for my brand new off-the-wall daily comic panel, Plum Loco. I hope you like it. Peter and I, Roy Delgado, believe that this attempt will be the one, finally that will get some eyeballs looking at it in large numbers . . . If you like it, email it to a friend, bookmark it . . . I plan to have at least one brand new one everyday . . . for a long, long time . . until everyone (that's a lot of people) is aware of its existence and want and NEED their 'fix' every day!"

1 comment:

Roy Delgado said...

My real name used to be Robert Plumb. And the original name of the comic was going to be PLUMB BOB.
So I dropped the B, changed my first name to Peter and voila, you have Plum Loco!

- Peter Plumb