Monday, September 20, 2010

CARICATOUR #1 May 1968 Part One of Two

CARICATOUR #1, "Put-downs and put-ons on what's up," was a short-lived satirical magazine published by Art Pottier. This is the first issue, dated May, 1968, and it's copyright 1968 by Contemporary Publications, Inc.

The highlights include Charlie Rodrigues' "Allen Ginsberg for President! Bob Dylan for Vice President" centerfold feature, as well as the above uncredited PEANUTS Spoof, "Chestnuts."

Despite so-so production values (B&W newsprint with a newsprint two-tone cover), the roster of great cartoonists who contribute is top flight: Legoze (Luis Goyenechea, the South American cartoonist who drew the terrific cover); New Yorker gag cartoonists Sid Harris, Ed Fisher, and Al Ross; Jules Feiffer; and veteran cartoonist Charlie Rodrigues (Cracked, New Yorker, National Lampoon, Stereo Review, etc.); international cartoonists such as Nitka, Mahood (The Times - London), Picha (Belgium), Waite (The Times - London); as well as Art Pottier (Cracked), himself.

This is the first of 2 parts. My thanks to the one and only cartoonist extraordinaire Don Orehek for this copy of CARICATOUR #1.

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