Wednesday, September 01, 2010

J.D. Crowe Meets J.D. Crowe

One is a Grammy award winning banjo player and the other is an award winning editorial cartoonist. And both J.D. Crowes grew up within 50 miles of each other in Kentucky.

"'I'd be the first to admit he's a little further up the Google chain than I am,' the cartoonist said about the musician. 'To me, he's the number one J.D. Crowe in America.'"

The article by Jeff McDanald goes on to describe the editorial cartoonist's upbringing:

"'I was drawing before I could talk,' Crowe said. 'My mom figured out early on if she just tore open an old brown grocery sack and laid it flat on the floor and kept my pencil sharp, I'd be a good kid.'

"'I had picture stories in my mind. I would draw all day. I would fill up both sides of a grocery sack, and I guess that was as good a baby sitter as they could have gotten.'"

An archival print of the above Crowe editorial cartoon, referenced in the article, now hangs in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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