Friday, September 17, 2010

Jean-Philippe Peyraud Speed-Draws MRS DALLOWAY

I just made up that word, "speed-draws."

"Speed-draws" describes what happens in the video below: a pilot for proposed French TV documentary series wherein a cartoonist takes a page from a classic book and, before our eyes, lays it out, draws, scans & colors.

The format: the cartoonist gets to choose from 3 books. After choosing one, he picks a page to draw and listens to a bit on tape. Then, the drawing begins.

The end result is an adaptation of a page from the novel. In the video below, the cartoonist is Bande Dessinee creator Jean-Philippe Peyraud, who draws a page from the novel MRS. DALLOWAY by Virginia Woolf.

For people (like me) who love to watch other cartoonists' process, this speed-draw exercise is a must-see. It's 7 minutes long and in French.

Figure libre : programme pilote avec Jean-Philippe Peyraud
Uploaded by Futuropolis. - Independent web videos.

A big thanks to Rod McKie via Ulf K! Thanks, Rod and Ulf!!

More about the series at the Figure Libre site.

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tcg said...

What is the pen he's using? Thanks for this--fascinating to see others working!