Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jerry Grandenetti 1926-2010

Comic book artist Jerry Grandenetti passed away on February 19, 2010. Cause of death unknown. Mark Evanier, who confirmed Mr. Grandenetti's passing, writes about the comic book artist's life.

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Trade Loeffler said...

Thanks for passing this info on Mike. This is really sad news. With the Dark Horse reprints of Creepy and Eerie the last couple of years, Mr. Grandenetti had become one of my favorite artists. I wasn't that familiar with his other work, but the stories he did for Creepy and Eerie just blew me away. He was a helluva an artist, really pushing things in those stories with the storytelling and design. It's just beautiful work.

Did you ever meet the man?

Mike Lynch said...

Sorry to say I never met him, but talk about a guy who draw the heck outta everything! He was great.

I was introduced to him in the 70s, with that issue of PREZ! I liked PREZ, but then again I was a wee tot.

Some weeks ago I heard some fellow talking about comic books on NPR and he described PREZ (and did not cite Mssrs. Simon or Grandenetti as creators -- something he should have done). He and the hose began making fun of it and laughing and laughing -- and I felt angry at them! I was still a loyal fan! Ha!