Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ted Rall Returns from Afghanistan

Above detail from Ted Rall's Afghan Notebook #46, from his blog. Copyright Mr. Rall.

Last month, when 3 cartoonists traveled to Afghanistan, on a Kickstarter-financed fact-finding trip, there was concern that they would return safely. 3 white dudes, scribbling in sketchbooks, in the middle of a desert war zone arouses curiosity.

Shawn Moynihan, writing for Editor & Publisher, interviews Ted Rall upon his return. Ted, editorial cartoonist Matt Bors and Web cartoonist Steve Cloud, spent a month in Afghanistan.
"'They were very curious about us,' Rall says of the intel agents, many of whom simply couldn’t believe the three men didn’t have a more sinister purpose than simply gathering facts.

"'No one got us,' he laughs. 'No one. We got arrested three times for being suspected Taliban. Cops and locals were phoning in, ‘Taliban suicide bombers are coming your way.'"

The rest at E&P.

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