Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CARTOON LAUGHS Part Two: Stir Crazy

Above: Charlie Rodrigues: always with a good gag.

Hello! We've been waiting for you! Time to peek at a 1969 gag cartoon mag! Specifically: CARTOON LAUGHS, Vol. 8 No. 5, Sept. 1969 issue, copyright 1969 by Magazine Management Co., Inc. This is the "Stir Crazy" section, subtitled, "Every man is in his own prison until he breaks out laughing."

The obscured bit of text to the upper left of the Rodrigues cartoon above goes like this:

"What's you name?"
"Come on, that's not your name."
"You're right. That's just my pen name."
A number of these cartoons are about the spouses. The women may not necessarily be suffering what with their hubby in the poky. The gag below, by Bob Thaves, like Rodrigues' above, is the only one that touches on the loneliness and deprivation of prison life on the inmates and their families.


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