Thursday, September 02, 2010

David Collier Draws 20 Page Graphic Novel for Luke Doucet's New CD

The Ottawa Citizen has an article about Luck Doucet's band and how illustrator/graphic novelist David Collier wound up drawing a 20 page "graphic novel" to be inserted in the new CD, titled Steel City Trawler. Here's a snippet of the article by Mark Medley:

Doucet, who was introduced to the world of comics by his wife, and stumbled onto Collier's work while browsing Montreal comic publisher Drawn & Quarterly's website, gave Collier complete freedom. In fact, after their first meeting the pair barely spoke.

"It wasn't even important to me what the content was -- I knew David was going to come up with something great," he says. "Whether it be specifically about me, or about Hamilton, or about David and his family, would have been fine. If he had handed me a comic that was about him and his family that had nothing to do with my record, that would have been OK."

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Sounds like a good match for my daughter.