Monday, September 20, 2010

Video: The Solo Adventures in 3D

Here is the award winning entry from the 2010 STAR WARS Fan Movie Challenge. It's put together by Daniel L. Smith and 2010 graduates of The Dave School. It's just over 5 minutes and very fun and if you have those red/cyan 3D classes, even more fun. I didn't have any glasses, but it's still a snappily written dun (and funny) bit of animation. Really worth seeing what The Dave School can do!

The Solo Adventures 3D from Daniel L Smith on Vimeo.

Hat tip Forbidden Planet! And as they point out, there are both 3D and 2D versions at Dan’s Vimeo page.

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Brian Fies said...

I enjoyed that. If the last three Star Wars movies (that is to say, the first three I guess) had had that much action, character and humor, they would've been greatly improved.